Exploring ways to include people with advanced dementia as co-researchers through the arts (May 2023 – January 2024)

Project Partners: Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED); the Binks Hub; and NHS Scotland Neuroprogressive and Dementia Network (NDN) 

Project Lead: Dr Frankie Greenwood (ECRED) – PI

Binks Hub Role: Jimmy Turner – Co-I

Funder: Royal Society of Edinburgh: RSE Research Workshops Grant – £10,000 

Description: INCLUDED is a 9-month project that explores how we can include people with a more advanced dementia as co-researchers. We will be holding a series of research workshops that bring together people living with dementia, artists, policymakers and other key stakeholders, to explore how we can include people with a more advanced dementia as co-researchers through creative and arts-based methods. Through a series of four workshops with academics, people with lived experience of dementia, artists, care staff and medical professionals we are working to encourage discussion and explore ways to include people living with a more advanced dementia in research as co-researchers.

Outputs: A peer reviewed journal article exploring the feasibility of people living with advanced dementia working as co-researchers on research into their experiences; development of a network to explore developing a funding bid for empirical research.

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