The Binks Hub PhD and early career researcher network

Through a series of participatory, creative workshops, we’re exploring ways of collaborating with PhD and early career researchers who use – or have an interest in using artistic and creative methods in their research. 

It’s important to us that this is a co-produced network, which is led and directed by its members. 

To get involved, please send us an email to be added to the list.

A group of postgraduate students display the tapestries they made

Tapestry-making, woodturning, and crafting the network

In March this year, Dovecot Studios hosted ten members of our PhD and Early Career Researcher Network in our first workshop session, led by artist Fiona Hutchison. In the three-hour workshop, we shared with the students and Fiona our ideas, experiences and aspirations as Fiona guided us through the production of small tapestries, the artistic practice both informing and being informed by our research.

"I found this workshop to be a rewarding and rare opportunity to try an arts practice that was truly new to me! I was at a phase in my PhD where I felt I was only reading and writing about arts-based practices, and this gave me the chance to create and express in a tactile and tangible way. I enjoyed connecting with others who are in different programs and stages of research but share a common passion for arts-based practices personally and academically."

Following the tapestry workshop, more members of the PhD and Early Career Researcher Network participated in a woodturning workshop hosted by Fine Piece Furniture at the Edinburgh Open Workshop and in a pair of online ‘Crafternoon’ sessions through which we practiced the arts and crafts which are dear to us, and which in many cases emerge in and through our research, as we continued to discuss the future shape and function of the Network.

Through these sessions, we have embarked on a collaborative process of crafting a network which will be designed and structured to meet the needs and interests of the PhD students and Early Career Researchers who represent the future of artistic and creative social research in Edinburgh and the academy beyond.

We will continue to offer workshops, seminars, and other opportunities to members of our postgraduate network.

If you, your colleagues, or your students would like to get involved, please just send us an email to be added to our list. We will communicate all updates and opportunities for the network to this list.