New Binks Hub Project – INCLUDED: exploring ways to include people with advanced dementia as co-researchers through the arts

dementia creativity

The Binks Hub is pleased to announce our participation in the INCLUDED Project, which will investigate the ways in which we can facilitate the participation in research of people living with advanced dementia as co-researchers. 

The project will be led by Dr Frankie Greenwood from Edinburgh Centre for Research on the Experience of Dementia (ECRED), and we will be part of an interdisciplinary team with researchers from ECRED and their network of people with dementia and dementia practitioners in Scotland. 

The project is funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh through their RSE Research Workshops programme, and will see the team design and deliver four workshops in 2023 for researchers, people living in the earlier stages of dementia, carers, policymakers, care organisations, creative artists, ethics committees and funders. 

These workshops will focus on ethics, creative and arts-based methods, what co-research might mean when working with people with advanced dementia, and the shaping and planning of future research projects. 

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The Binks Hub will work with communities to co-produce a programme of research and knowledge exchange that promotes social justice, relational research methods and human flourishing.

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